No Good To Man Nor Beast, Ref To Larger Websites!

Hi! Shaun Leggott here. I am best known for the established Horror at Home Gigs .com with its 5000 plus products in around 150 categories. But here in the hot summer of 2018 I doubt if people are considering Halloween right now, so the contents of HaHG might be moved to a new hosting.. but I am not that bovered!

You see, the larger websites, in terms of Posts and pages, are out, o-u-t- these days! One or more surveys show over 65% of searches in the mighty G are made using cell phone screens, or mobile & smartphones as we know them in the UK. So it is a headache. Why? Well because of the limited screen size. It makes websites far less immediately accessable, as opposed to desktop larger screen monitors.       

Go to HaHG right now and you wil see an almost blank site (Mid July 2018)! But it will probable have fresh unique and new products soon, as also will several of my other websites.

To digress, here in the UK we are having a flaming hot July 2018,  I will leave you to do the two word parallels! From what I have been on the US live cams, some of you guys and gals are also experiencing uusually high temperatures also.

This website was recently introducted where I am using my name as a brand. There is almost nothing here at present, but I think having your own name as a brand is important. There are others around with my names within the same spelling of Shaun Leggott. This came to light through socials.

However, having your own name as a brand cannot be for everyone. Example, if you have a well known name chances are it will not now be available. Not as .com or anyway. However, you might try a hyphen between the name, e.g. mine could have been

Begin WordPress-Video Tuiton

The 2 Week Diet 

Start Building WordPress On A Shoestring Budget: Before getting in too deep right now going below are the first steps for setting up WordPress. This is very low cost comprehensively stacked video tuition.

>>No Good To Man Nor Beast<< (Internal) 

It will take you through building with WordPress from new.  So if you can spare a takeway pizza or a couple of tins of beer, seriously consider the following WordPress video tuition.

>WordPress Video Course 4 Little Cost<

Start Building WordPress WithThis Complete Internet Marketing WordPress Beginner Videos. Think Possibilities! What Is The Catch?

Well There is No Catch. Within Home Online Marketing, Internet Course And Program Creators Are Tripping Over Each Other To Get You Onto Their Mailing Lists! Money Is In The List As We Build Marketing And Online Social Relationships. To Do It Means Offering Valuable Product At No Cost, Or For Little Cost. 

The More Home Online Marketers We Have Building Their WordPress Sites, Then The More They Will Be Looking To Fill These WordPress Sites With Products, Offer Services, Promote Music Or Whatever! But of Course It Might Be You Will Have Other Considerations. So It Is Sort Of Win-Win!

For example, I follow music having had a lifelong interest in music within genres. However, I have noticed that musicians appear to limit themselves to Twitter, FB and obviously Tube. Outside of this, they use no cost blogging systems, or maybe quickly set up crappy looking sites in ready templates. It seems to be a difficult time allowance between recording and promoting, e.g. building a brand. 

Some share domain names, e.g. weebly.[yourname].com. That, per-se, is no good if you are looking to be seen in the higher pages of searches engines. Look for yourself to see how many you will find!?

It is probably a difficult balance between writing, performing and promoting, that is if they cannot afford a marketing manager, e.g the ft. home cover music recording artist singers and players. A pro looking WordPress site might be a very valuable addition at low cost. 

Note, the cost of building WP blogging sites today is very little. So if into creating music for example, go build an opt-in fan based list using an appropriate plugin. When building a list through an autoresponder, you can then, for example, give tour updates.

Thus make it more personal to you and your music? Do not overlook the inclusion of a privacy policy. Shaun A Leggott. 

Please do not copy images, e.g. featured images from this site as they are licensed assets. Tag: start building WordPress