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Build Your First Marketing List-WordPress Beginner Video Tuition

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 WordPress List Building Daily

Above link: WordPress List Building Daily. Please Also See The Comprehensive WordPress Beginners Video Tuition Link Further Below

WordPress List Building Daily provides fresh content daily. It will also archive for a few days catch up.. Please note the Archives link there-in. You can set up your own zero cost e-paper in minutes! I found it produces the more exact results I need when keeping chosen subjects simple and unimaginative, e.g..

    The Step Sequencing Daily

But you can back link until you have the content as you like it, then instantly publish. As a no cost e-paper you will be limited by content. It will allow you to add to Twitter but not FB etc. You will see the full advantages of later turning it Pro in the comparison chart.   



The Home Recording Daily

I currently have three e-papers at Pro level. Pro only costs 9 dollars a month unfortunately there`s no affiliate link. Clearly you will have a small return as an affiliate percentage of 9 dollars (It will not set the Thames alight..) unless taking the paid yearly option. I understand are considering offering an affiliate opportunity in the future.

    The Beer Cheese Daily

However, would make a brilliant marketing funnel starter to begin building a marketing list, a list in any subject you like, e.g. building a bigger following in music or sports marketing. There is a whole library of blogging subjects around!  

Before getting in too deep right now going below are the first steps for setting up WordPress. This is a very low cost comprehensive stacked video tuition. It will take you through building with WordPress from new.  So if you can spare a couple of tins of beer seriously consider the following:


>WordPress Video Course 4 Little Cost<

This Complete Internet Marketing WordPress Beginner Videos. You Might Wonder Why, Or As What Is The Catch?

Well There is No Catch. Remember, Today Within Home Online Marketing Internet Course And Program Creators Are Tripping Over Each Other To Get Said Home Online Marketers Onto Their Mailing Lists-Money Is In The List As We Build Marketing And Online Social Relationships. To Do So Means Offering A Valuable Product, Some At Times At Zero Cost, In Order To Build Their Lists.

In Fact, I Am Building My Own Online Funnel Right Now. Once On A List You Can, Of Course, Opt- Out by Unsubscribing. In This Instance The Complete Online Marketing Internet Course Is Offered Close To Zero Cost.

The More Home Online Marketers We Have Building Their WordPress Sites, Then The More They Will Be Looking To Fill These WordPress Sites With Products. So It Is Sort Of Win-Win! But You Are Not Limited To Using WordPress For Marketing.

For example, I follow music having had a lifelong interest in music within genres. However, I have noticed that musicians appear to limit themselves to Twitter or FB. Outside of this, they use no cost blogging systems of no other additions.

It is probable a difficult balance between writing, performing and promoting, that is if they cannot afford a marketing manager, e.g home cover music recording artist singers and players. A pro looking WordPress site might be a very valuable addition. Plus the cost of building WP sites today is very little. Go build an opt-in fan based list to make it more personal? Shaun A Leggott – HomePage.

Utilize Video Skills-Learn From High Speed Sports Or Chord Music Videos

Learn And Master Guitar Chords Online!

The Cranberries ZombieZombie From Igor Presnyakov, An Acoustic Fingerstyle Guitar Cover. Find It Useful? Igor Presnyakov Includes Several More Covers. He Accepts Donations Too.

Learning through the convenience of video motion analysis software. It might seem techie, but for example, take very fast and thus visually blurred action videos, then initially slow it right down, learning from the actions of skilled performance. However, the software you have access to here offers far more than lowering tempo. Links..

Motion analysis has been around for many years.. The access however was limited by high cost and apparatus location. Only a relative few in chord music or sports had access to it. 

Today it`s estimated within sports that more people prefer visual learning than dry copy for example. Perhaps the rest haven`t yet caught us up.. Visually learning sports or music has proved very successful.

Some of today`s top professional sports people use a similar approach, also expert guitarists have used motion analysis. However, it`s worth noting that it wasn`t available as a software until recently.

Now there`s a downloadable software, so we all have the opportunity within visual learning from home, club, or wherever. This does many similar actions but at considerably lower cost, plus the home convenience where you can learn at your own pace, even, e.g. learning guitar with physical disability.

Tempo can even be taken way below 25 percent. Ref: mentioned within the software intro comments.

The video motion analysis software from is designed with convenience for the home environment. It includes 25 support videos and easy drop down navigation.

I understand there`s also an excellent product support. You can download it right now if your computer uses Windows or Mac. It`s accessed from a trusted source, so if you are disappointed, don`t keep it.

So if using it in club or home, for example, consider its use on more visible screen than those within smart phone. Obviously the bigger the better!

As the software takes advantage of your chosen online videos within action, you`ll add then use the software to copy and develop from the skills exhibited.

Of course there`s a lot you can do beyond slowing action down as you`ll see from within the 25 support videos. So taking a more extreme hypothetical consideration, note the late Bruce Lee kung fu expert.. He was considered super human by some because of his blindingly fast martial arts moves.

As also an all action kung fu actor Bruce Lee`s moves were considered so very fast that they felt it necessary to reduced the speed, thus to be more audience acceptable within his kung fu movies.

Now you can do far more than just slow tempo with within the visual learning software, loop, transpose, freeze frame by frame etc! There`s countless YouTube almost blurred action videos within YouTube alone. Think of guitar, other chord musical instruments, drum rhythms, or of course, sports.

For personal use there are countless videos are fr.eely available in YouTube alone. Alternatively, a tutor might choose this video motion analysis software when considering his or her students.

So go check it out right now. You will see examples of where this visual learning software is used in sports, e.g. improving golf swing techniques. That is quite a contrast when compared to Bruce lees lightening fast kung fu moves..

Exercised Poor Golf Swing Technique. Result, A Golfing Crime Scene!

Shaun A Leggott | Twitter | musiccoverstoo @ Please do not copy and paste images from Shaun Leggott com as they are licensed through Adobe. Their red eyed rottweilers bite by night!

WordPress Tuition For Internet Marketing Beginners

Ref Internet Marketing Newbies: Hi, I`m Shaun Leggott, but usually list myself as Shaun A Leggott. Because my mugshot it seen as a result of many diverse keyword searches these days, I though I would spend some time here under my Shaun Leggott domain name. Shaun Leggott being my brand in this instance. The link to visual learning sports or music through new software is here  Otherwise just scroll your way down…

Independent Promoter: For the wise who show an interest in beginning WordPress, here is an excellent and very low cost complete video course!

>Internet Newbies

There`s no need to elaborate further on the course tuition because the introduction will explain itself! For such a low cost (I say for the cost of two beers or Cokes!) I really do not see why anyone, considering blogging with WordPress, would dismiss it.

Once you have set up your own site you will then have the opportunity to become better know whatever your interest. It will allow you to be more unique as opposed to using any of many no cost blogging platforms around where you will not, or do not, have your own domain name.

    The Step Sequencing Daily

I don`t dismiss them all as I use G+ with good effect, some might consider Blogger. In fact I literally have Go.ogle page one inclusions for several new keywords within a day of adding a new Post! From this I mostly link back to one of my WP sites each time as they it allow one link!

    WordPress List Building Daily

It is not possible to know if other free blogging platforms have the influence to offer this advantage where linking back to website. I know many no cost blogging platform are around because some site visitors offering comments to my WP sites. One of my WP sites had over 40.000 comments. As far as I could see, always copy and paste and nearly always rubbish!



The Beer Cheese Daily

Thoughts might turn to additional costs when setting up a WordPress site? Well WordPress itself is zero cost, many WordPress themes are also zero cost, thus ideal for beginners. Shared hosting is cheap at about 7 dollars a month if paid monthly, cheaper if paid annually.

Creating your domain name will cost around 12 dollars for a year. If you save by going for annually the hosting company might even let you have zero cost domain name for the first year.

>Internet Marketing Newbies<   

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