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Ref Internet Marketing Newbies: Hi, I`m Shaun Leggott, but usually list myself as Shaun A Leggott. Because my mugshot it seen as a result of many diverse keyword searches these days, I though I would spend some time here under my Shaun Leggott domain name. Shaun Leggott being my brand in this instance. The link to visual learning sports or music through new software is here  Otherwise just scroll your way down…

Independent Promoter: For the wise who show an interest in beginning WordPress, here is an excellent and very low cost complete video course!

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There`s no need to elaborate further on the course tuition because the introduction will explain itself! For such a low cost (I say for the cost of two beers or Cokes!) I really do not see why anyone, considering blogging with WordPress, would dismiss it.

Once you have set up your own site you will then have the opportunity to become better know whatever your interest. It will allow you to be more unique as opposed to using any of many no cost blogging platforms around where you will not, or do not, have your own domain name.

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I don`t dismiss them all as I use G+ with good effect, some might consider Blogger. In fact I literally have Go.ogle page one inclusions for several new keywords within a day of adding a new Post! From this I mostly link back to one of my WP sites each time as they it allow one link!

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It is not possible to know if other free blogging platforms have the influence to offer this advantage where linking back to website. I know many no cost blogging platform are around because some site visitors offering comments to my WP sites. One of my WP sites had over 40.000 comments. As far as I could see, always copy and paste and nearly always rubbish!



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Thoughts might turn to additional costs when setting up a WordPress site? Well WordPress itself is zero cost, many WordPress themes are also zero cost, thus ideal for beginners. Shared hosting is cheap at about 7 dollars a month if paid monthly, cheaper if paid annually.

Creating your domain name will cost around 12 dollars for a year. If you save by going for annually the hosting company might even let you have zero cost domain name for the first year.

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