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Shaun A Leggott-Intro To Links

Hi, I`m Shaun Leggott, but usually list myself as Shaun A Leggott. Because my mugshot it seen as a result of many diverse keyword searches at times, I though I would spend some time here under my Shaun Leggott domain name. However, I have quite a few other websites! I thought on this Post I would list some of my websites with a little explanation. As this is an introductory Post, please do excuse me referring it to myself! 

My websites and online stored are featured toward music, being my first love.  I`m
just starting a purposeful website, hopefully not only to include
products related to creating music, but listing some of the newer
recording artists` recordings.

So here are some of my websites:


The website from where I am most known is HorrorAtHomeGigs – Horror (as known) has been around for quite a few years. In April 2018 I rebuilt it by making radical changes. It now is complete with virtually all fun horror physical products over many categories. For example, from horror table plates, horror phone and tablet stands, to full sized clown costumes etc. This site gives an immediate access per Post to view images, then link to the whole category, sometimes the whole store! 

  < A Killer Klown. You can even take horror into your bathroom. No prizes for guessing why ref horror shower curtains are included! It links to my secure online store. From there you will see all the categories, not all being incl. in the site. There is a limit. Due to the number of categories, success might come thro the Search.. panel at the right on the home page!>  Tubers


Top Frat Topics is another of my more established websites has also has been radically updated. Built for adult viewing, it mainly considers adult students, as the domain name implies. As a base I feel it is up-to-date with today  `s outlook on love and life!

   Obviously the inclusions are far removed from those imaged in Horror above. The theme and product access remain identical, i.e. to my secure online store. As with Horror, you might find it useful to add to Search… in the top right of the home page (don`t be shy..). Otherwise you can immediately access the entire categories on page listing. However, most are included. 


Grow pennies, or to be more accurate, grow dollars. To cut to a short story (by my past standards..) it was intended just for offering digitally downloadable products (nooo, you were wrong..). However, I was busy elsewhere so abandoned it. But it is a great domain name. I was not prepared to let it lapse, then to see it included to be perhaps feasibly sold at an asking price of maybe $2000 dollars, so I kept it!

When not renewed there is a time period when your domain name/s still remains yours (three month I think). After this it or they are no longer yours; then open to takers! However I found a use for it. I filled it with “pick and match” beanies.. then later I “fronted” it with other things..


distant cuzins

Shaun Leggott Music

HorrorHomeGigs (not as at the Post outset, this one omits “at” and is very different!)  The site is similar toCoverSongLists Both domain names reasonably reflect content, both use an identical resource for video links and quick Post add capacity. However, the former, always by choice, includes the more darker horror music. The latter includes mainly modern cover ft. recordings, as too MashUpAllSongs.

I have powerful software, here it takes only seconds to list many recordings from Tube, for example, from newer recording artists or bands in Tube. I use this software, coupled with the resources to complete the here-in mentioned. This gives further music exposure to artists I include. building over 40 Post hits might seem laughable to ft. cover recording artists. This being when having many thousands of followers, even so quality counts! 

Thus I would really like to include more talented artists looking to get a greater following. As an example, Distant Cuzins. Distant Cuzins are probably little known outside Oregon Madison, Wisconsin – Distant Cuzins > stage and Distant Cuzins > website.

Unfortunately, due to tech issues, I will not be able to add more websites in the vein of HorrorHomegigs com and CoverSongLists com (with others) so I would have to build new talent from within those domains. But it is pleasing to see artists getting more interest. I could quick turn one of the websites just to promote one band or solo artist. But as I make clear, they can ask not to be there. If so I will remove him, her or them immediately. Shaun A Leggott

 Serious Blogging Beginners Looking To Build Interest Through WordPress.

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